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What is Miscrits? 

Miscrits: World of Adventure is a free online game, on Facebook. The point of the game is to capture as many Miscrits as possible (all Miscrits return to level 1 when captured), then getting experience points to get them levels up. Your aim is to defeat all the Magicites and Elementums and then fight Apollo Nox. During the levelling up process their are three evolution's that follow that first one. There are two miscrit games (Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom and Miscrits of Volcano Island) where you can catch Miscrits. These Miscrits are divided into six types, Water, Fire, Grass, Wind, Earth and Lightning. You can verse other players in PvP battles at the battle arena (for special prizes like rare and dark miscrits and gems and coins) and the platinum arena (only level 30 miscrits allowed for platinum arena).

Play Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom Here http://apps.facebook.com/miscrits/

Play Miscrits of Volcano Island Here


For The Official Site Click Here


The Forums Are Here


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